NLP Practitioner Certification Testimonials

The NLP Practitioner program gave me 100% clarity on my life purpose. Identifying "who am I?" and "what I want in life" gave me total freedom of mind which was served within the program. The trainer of this program, Ms. Jayamini is a gifted trainer who uses unique techniques. The way she conducts the sessions are in a very enthusiastic and energetic manner and there was never a single second to feel bored. Every second of the program was precious and filled with lots of learning. The program content was extensive and advanced yet easy to grasp due to the way Jay delivers the sessions. I thank Jay and her team for coming up with an amazing program like this to increase our self-awareness to the best level and I will recommend this NLP Practitioner program for anybody who wishes to build their own career in NLP and for anybody who wishes to change their lives for the better by understanding the real "purpose" of their lives.

Chamara Madusanka

NLP is one of the most versatile and valuable tool kits that you will ever discover. NLP gives you access to the resources that you already have within you to get everything you want in life. Thank you for "Being the light that help others see", Jay. God bless you.

Vasuki Manivannan

It's with great pleasure I write these words about the experience I had at the NLP Practitioner programme. I must say it was a turning point in my life and it made a positive transformation within me. It was amazing to see how my past experiences influenced my beliefs, thoughts and behaviour which I was never aware of until now. I have participated in many trainings before, but this course is completely different. Jayamini's way of imparting knowledge in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere as well as her ability to build rapport with every participant was remarkable. Ms Jay, you did your best to help us absorb the NLP concepts in a loving manner. As a result of this course, many positive changes have taken place within me and around me. My home is now a happy place and I accomplish my work with ease and flow. Many doors are opening for me to practice NLP with students, parents, relatives and friends. I use the techniques I learnt, and they really work. Belief change with Sub Modalities, Circle of Excellence, Meta Model, Anchors are some of them. I'm happy that I'm in a position to make others' lives better and I know I'm moving towards my goal of living a purposeful life. Your love and kindness inspired me and directed me to the correct path. Let me embrace you with heart felt gratitude and lots of love. Thank you very much Jay, please continue to guide me to fulfill my mission on earth.

Shyama Thilakarathna

The NLP Practitioner Course was insightful and uplifting. The energy throughout the course of 8 days was supportive and a feeling of alignment was felt among the group. It was an enjoyable learning experience where we each supported and held space for each other. I am thankful for the tools and techniques learned during this course which I will use to help clients overcome their challenges. What differentiates NLP from other personal development classes is that it provides a structured framework to work with. Learning these new techniques enables me to integrate the processes into my continued study of psychology and spirituality. I particularly found the processes related to the subconscious mind helpful. The course taught me to communicate with the subconscious mind and it was the first time that I was able to see a visual from the deeper layers of the mind which intrigued me. The feedback given to me was really helpful to develop important skills such as pacing and calibrating. The course is effective due to Jayamini's ability to deliver the knowledge in a solid and inspiring manner connecting the subject to the bigger picture using a spiritually guided approach.

Uma Narmadha

Dear Jayamini,
I am very grateful that I learnt so many things in the course. I can see that it�s slowly bringing changes in myself as well my outlook towards life. I was little busy when I got back to Bhutan as I had to catch up with my work so I did not get much time to practice the techniques. But lately I have used some techniques like the eye patterns, hypnotism and also trying to find out whether a person is Kinaesthetic, Visual, Auditory, etc. on my friends. Also I use NLP patterns in my everyday communication - whether it�s talking to my staffs or my customers or my family.
I am quite happy in my small town now. My mind is calmer and I am able to deal with many things. I am doing my meditation every day. This is helping me to move towards improving my concentration and memory by concentrating on my breathing. I am being mindful about what or how I say things and also about my diet. There is a lot of improvements in my day to day life too.
Warm regards,
Sonam Chuki

I am so happy and proud to join NLP Practitioner training with Jay and experience the most unexpected event I have ever encountered in my life!
I was practicing NLP belief change using sub-modalities and it turned out to be a miracle when I used it to change a belief that one of my friends had. According to my friend, he was having a problem in is his left eye and believed that he can�t see from his left eye for the last five years.
After the NLP Belief Change process, he was amazed to realize that he could already see from his left eye!
It was indeed marvelous to see how much NLP is helpful.

Hawwa Zimna

My Dearest Jay,
I am so glad that you came into my life. It must be my good karma!
What more I could have done, what more I could have become, how much more my family would have benefited if I had met you before�.
Had I been aware of all the knowledge you are imparting with such love and such compassion, such honesty!
I am lucky to have such a teacher!
I will never be the same person I was before!
I am different now. Now it is all about looking ahead with delight!
Thank you for your special type of teaching, your love and goodness.
I wish you with all my heart; to materialize all your dreams in a hundred thousand times better, bigger than you can ever visualize.
Much Love Always,

It was a real breakthrough in my life and it was a tremendous program and experience I had with my friends and peers here who participated in the program. Our trainer was an amazing person and we are proud to be a Sri Lankan because we are having international standards and quality of training.

M Pushpanath

I am really congruent in terms of what I want to do and my purpose is very clear now. I have no doubt that Jayamini and Gamaka has done an excellent job in terms of enhancing our knowledge as to what potential that can bring out to the table. I have no hesitation in recommending this programme.

Manik Senanayake

I first need to thank Jayamini for making my life transformed into a new beginning; lot positive changes has happened. I have seen evidences of me achieving what I desire in my day to day life. Because of Jayamini and Gamaka I made massive positive change. Even the place of training is amazing. It�s a remarkable experience. I learnt from Jayamini how to look at the positive side of everything. I met Jayamini one year ago. Over that one year I have achieved a lot. I know I will achieve more and more in my life. I believe we will be friends forever and they will be the shining light in my life.

Upeksha Perera

For me NLP has been a wonderful journey. The interactions the leanings the lessons the teaching that we absorbed over this 10 days have been something transformational for me as individual.
That is why I believe what NLP does. It brings out the excellence of a person, by end of September I will be going into the Master Practitioner Course as well. And by end of November I believe I would be a fully fledged nlp practioner, coach who will be supporting many people like our mentor and our teacher Jayamini.

Haris Omar

I have heard of NLP over the last 10 years, working and living in Australia and it's been a subject that I have always been interested in learning.
This programme made me understand that I need to get more knowledge on this subject so that I can help my clients and I am so glad I did it. It has given me lots of tools and techniques to follow when I am working with my clients to help them overcome their problems.
I also love Jayamni's style of imparting knowledge; the classroom was a very informal which suits me; my style of learning and she is a brilliant trainer.

Manuo De Silva

Ms. Jayamini,
I'm so grateful to receive guidance from you and Mr. Gamaka. Discovering and learning NLP is one of the greatest moments and events in my life. The learnings, perspectives and possibilities of NLP and your guidance had given me new hope and motivation. A gift for me to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. A tool for me to communicate with, understand and help people around me in an ecological way. A way to radiate peace, harmony, happiness, love, abundance with goodwill, right actions and prosperity. I'm also very thankful for the book that you gave me, Power of the Subconscious Mind that thought me all these values and that these values comes from within.
I'm don't know how soon I'll be able complete the Master Practitioner program. It would be awesome to complete as soon as possible and share the outcome...
My heartfelt gratitude and love for everyone.
Thank you.
Jeevan Pala Subramaniam

NLP is much more than what I thought it is. NLP Practitioner is an amazing program that I wish I have done earlier because it works faster than any other way and has long lasting results.
NLP aligns easily with other religions, meditation and healing practices.
I think NLP should be taught to young people and all those who are going through trauma so that they can get out of the trauma quickly.

Mirani De Zoysa - UK

Saying YES to life
NLP Practitioner Certification training program was a wonderful and intense experience. Undoubtedly I would recommend the program whole heartedly. NLP Prac helped me to have a clear vision and a positive action plan to achieve the vision. The support and the knowledge shared by Jayamini and Gamaka is much appreciated. I wish Jayamini and Gamaka success in every aspect and thank whole heartedly for all the wisdom, love and affection.

Avindra Peiris

When I joined the program I did not know why I choose to do NLP or my purpose. I was not sure what my future plan and personal purpose in life should be. NLP opened-up and gave clear directions in what I wanted in life and made me realize on my own what it should be. It also gave me further insights to my unlimited potential within me which I did not have when I joined the program.
More than the methodology or techniques, in the program what it gave was the personalities that conducted the program is such a professional manner which automatically brought out the highest capacity in one's self. I can vouch for that and it has transformed me personally. If anybody want to follow NLP as just a program, my advice is DON�T. However if you want to realize your highest potential and make it a life style which will make a difference in you and others around you, GO FOR IT!
Dushantha Goonetilleke

NLP Practitioner certification program is the best of the best training program I have participated. This training program totally changed my life.
I was looking for the meaning of my life through various means and courses. Then I found this course. This training was truly successful and I could achieve much success in my life during the period of the course. In fact I was able to achieve goals that I could not achieve for a very long time.
Now I can clearly see where I need to go, and I have all the energy, all the teachings, and all the processes with me to go to that goal.
I would like to thank Jayamini for guiding to the correct path, and showing me the way to achieve my life goals.

Hemantha Weerasinghe

I was thinking to do something for myself, I mean my inner-self, and I was looking for a set of good guide lines. I tried so many things; I have participated in many programs. At the end of each of those programs I felt something was missing.
Something pushed me six months back to do a proper course and then I found the NLP course. I discussed with many of my colleagues and they said "it is not necessary for you, you know all the stuff there, so that is not required by you".
Anyway I decided I will do it, I will take that risk and I will do it.
After completing the program, I can say it's fantastic and highly effective training program. Most important lesson I learnt was that I can change my mind. I had a lot of limiting beliefs and I changed those limiting beliefs with NLP. I have more control over my mind and body now. Now I can help other people as well as myself.
So, I have decided this is one of the best courses I have done.
One more thing I would like to mansion is that Jayamini is a very good, kind hearted teacher or master. I would like to thank Gamaka, who helped us in the training and fellow participants who learnt and practiced NLP with me. We had a lot of fun, while learning a lot in this course.

Dr. Max Chandrasekara

I have done so many other types of different methods for changing beliefs, personal development and healing. But this training program has completely transformed me and given me a lot of power over my mind, and that allows a lot of possibilities. This technology can be applied to every aspect of your life and I think this is something that everyone should learn.
I have to thank Jayamini to teaching me. It was taught not just in a technical, but in a more holistic way, with a huge spiritual backing.
I am a different person after this course.

Niren Ranasinghe

When I came for the first NLP training program it was like connecting dots for me, everything connected. I always wanted become an NLP Practitioner.
I felt that in my training, coaching and teaching programs there is some element missing. And NLP was the answer for that. It gives me the holistic perspective which I was seeking, deeper and more value adding way.
Thank Jayamini, you were able to show it to me, training me, and show me the path. Thank You!

Niranjalli Wickramasinghe

NLP Entry Level Certification Testimonials

Dear Ms. Jay,
Thank you very much for the experience you created for me with the support of a good team.
NLP Entry Level Training helped me understand my inner parts which was actually hidden from my knowledge. Thank you very much for the eye opening session with lots of joy.

Dear Jay,
I had a great time with a very vibrant and aware teacher. It opened many questions in me and made me aware of many things I had forgotten and things I suppress.
I hope I can take the maximum back in to the day today life.
A Big Thank You,

Dear Ms. Jayamini,
For the past couple of months, I was bored; I felt lazy and did not take actions along my path and becoming more spiritual. Now that I participated in NLP Entry Level training program, I realized that my real problem has to do with my thinking patterns and my belief systems, and how to change them. I really believe NLP will work for me.
Thank you very much!

This programme really supported me to understand my weaknesses in life and the lessons I have got at the training is very valuable to achieve the desired objectives in my life. When I was initially informed by my best friend that this NLP Programme will help me to come out of my frustrated mental status, I had doubts and really wondered whether it is possible. However, at the end of the training programme I realized that it is a real life changing experience. I can apply the lessons both in my work and family lives and take a different approach towards life challenges.
Thank you very much for your wonderful guidance for changing my mental state.

Thank you,
Roshan Anuradha

I felt more confident about myself and felt happy about myself. Learnt techniques to let go of certain memories I had. I will be using it in future to let go of any bad memories. Feeling very grateful for Jayamini for guiding me through the process and sharing her knowledge fully and enthusiastically.

Vidyamali Attanayake

I learnt NLP basics and got the opportunity to interact with other strengths. Programme helped to better understand myself, establish goals and got tools and knowledge to achieve them.

Georgios Papa.

The NLP Entry Level programme was one of the best training programmes I have ever attended. I felt light and peace within myself and got a clear idea about what I truly want in my life. I learned that if I want to change my reality, I have to change my mind; its thinking patterns and also use words positively. Another powerful thing I learned during the course was how one can use the mind to heal the body. All these matter to my well-being. I am empowered to recognize that it is I who can change everything to the betterment of my life and of those around me. Importantly, I am so happy and proud of myself for learning how to act towards my daughter which will help her shine in her own life. I am so grateful to my beloved trainer, Jayamini. She was an amazing lady and her training skills are wonderful. She kept us fully engaged throughout the programme. Thank you Jayamini, for opening my mind to a new path.

Namali - NLP Entry Level Participant September 2018, Batch 42

Being a student of the NLP Entry Level programme was a great experience for me and I'd like to thank my parents and aunty Jayamini for giving me this opportunity. I learned a lot through this programme as to what the purposes in my life are and how to achieve them. The way aunty Jay teaches us the techniques were very unique and she was energetic and fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. There wasn't a dull moment during the programme. The theories and techniques were easy to grasp and understand. I enjoyed the whole programme and learned how I can use NLP to help myself and others as well. I'd like to recommend this programme to anyone out there in the world who doesn't know their purpose in life, no matter what their age is. Thank you.

Oneli, 16 years old - NLP Entry Level Participant September 2018, Batch 42

It was a great opportunity to learn NLP from Jayamini as it gave me a good learning experience and the direction to live my life purposefully. I recommend NLP to each and every person as it really changes how you perceive life in a really positive way. I am really thankful and feel grateful to Jay and NLP for giving me this wonderful experience and learning.

Ann Perera

I feel better after having attended the NLP Entry Level course. The investment was truly worth it for learning I received. I received a deeper understanding about my limitations of the future and how to overcome it. Jayamini facilitated the program very beautifully with love and kindness. I recommend this program to all and wish Jay the very best. Also, appreciate Uma for her support.

Ryan Dunuwille

I feel that these two days are the start of my new life and new chapter. This has been the best turning point for my purpose. Thank you Ms. Jayamini for showing me the potential for the best version of my life.

Roshan Jansen

Two days with Jay made me realize what is within me to find the purpose I was seeking. It was a very engaging and empowering program that enables you to become the best version of yourself.

Chinthaka Dharmarathne

It has been an extraordinary two days for me. This weekend helped me find and understand myself and helped me bring out a better version of me. I'm forever grateful to Jayamini for helping me understand this concept and enabling me to live a better life. Thanks a lot :)

Anjalie Fernando

Truly Inspirational. The programme made me turn inside out in a very positive manner. The content and how it was presented makes you understand how you perceive life, yourself and others, enabling you to achieve a better quality and blissful life experience. Thank you so much, Jay! May your life always be full of bliss. Love & Hugs.

Samara Gunasekera

This was definitely a course where a wealth of insights were received from the technical knowledge of NLP that I hadn't known before. Knowing for a fact that this is going to improve my lifestyle and relationships with others has me excited.

Milani Salpitikorala

A profound teaching of NLP techniques. The beauty of this content is that this course can unlock whatever you want to achieve in your life. It goes beyond academics and addresses real life situations. It is guaranteed that your life will change permanently. The set up of the course was informal which makes you feel comfortable and at ease to absorb the content more effectively. Jay is competent and has profound solutions and answers to whatever challenge you have been experiencing in life.

Sajeewa Karunatilaka

I've waited for more than 3 years to take this course and I believe the timing was perfect as this course confirmed a lot of understandings that I had over the past 3 years regarding certain things. I learned a lot of things and I've very grateful for that. This course enabled me to see the world in a new perspective and approach certain situations in a new way. Overall, I'm very grateful for the experience.

Rivi De Silva

I am thankful to Jayamini for helping me see life experiences in a more positive, enthusiastic and energetic manner. Understanding the concepts of NLP facilitated me to think in a more balanced way with new hope. The training and NLP techniques are wonderful and the inspirational stories were motivating. Wish you all the best.

Udhara Munasinghe

NLP as a model deals with one's mind and its functionalities. At times, deep rooted behaviours of human beings are unable to be modified or changed within regular training and consultancy. In this aspect, NLP can intervene and help create change whilst also providing evidence to the man himself to realize how to modify and change behaviours. The fact that there is no world outside but the world is a reflection of one's mind is well derived and understood through the application of NLP.
Jayamini does a wonderful piece of work involving her natural and inherent ability to comprehend human thinking patterns with the use of NLP as a tool. In a world where people look forward to secure and improve physical assets, Jayamini's efforts take those who attend NLP sessions to a new world of thinking.
I wish her all the very best, strength and courage to continue with her wonderful work.
Dulip Wijetilleke

The two days I spent with this special group, learning about NLP was amazing! It was not only about NLP, but also about creating good connections with everyone in the class. The knowledge that I've gathered throughout will surely be used to change my life in the coming years with more energy and excitement.
Jayamini's coaching style is very different, attractive and effective as she was able to crack down lots of theories into easily understandable pieces of day-to-day practical actions. Connecting theories with stories and making us understand the practicality of all of them was something special I noticed during her sessions. Overall, thanks a lot for making us understand that the “change is within” ourselves and all of us can achieve a lot more than we think!
All the best in the journey of making more lives better and making this country a better place to live!
S.G. Chamara Madusanka

It has been a great two days of NLP, where I learned a lot in terms of NLP as well as beyond it. There were many takeaways for personal life as well as corporate life. The most important aspect which I learned was the technique, “sub-modalities”, which is going to help me a lot in my professional life. Jayamini did a wonderful job! I believe she is the best person for NLP in Sri Lanka. I will recommend her to anyone without a doubt. Looking forward to continuing to the next level of NLP.
M. Azeem Saheer

The purpose of my coming to this class was to expose myself to a new area of knowledge. That was well achieved as I learnt a totally new area of knowledge and skills too. The exposure to mechanisms on how our inner self works will better position me to take purposeful decisions. It was easy to digest the subject since the facilitator was also passionate about the subject and fully believed in it, in addition to her clear ability to help you understand the subject.
Mind is everything. And we can program it to achieve desired outcomes!
Thank you,
Thilak Thilakaratne

I wish to convey my humble gratitude to NLP Sri Lanka for this wonderful opportunity to learn and practice the fundamentals of NLP from this two day workshop. I've always wanted to learn NLP and was searching for an opportunity to do so -- "NLP for life" appeared at the right time. It's evident that NLP has transformed my life into a different paradigm. I have successfully applied many of the concepts I learned and already see results. I've also cultivated the practice of meditation by listening to Jayamini's guided meditation CD. It has helped me connect with my higher self and lately, I see my life purpose becoming a reality. I truly believe what I learned from this NLP programme is beneficial to others, so I share them with friends whenever possible. I am eagerly waiting to participate in the NLP Practitioner programme and expand my horizon.
Warm Regards,
Nilantha Bandara

"The techniques I learned during the programme are very useful and applicable to real life, especially since we frequently find ourselves living on negative thoughts that disturb our live. NLP taught me to be in charge of my thoughts and feelings, and assist others in doing the same. All the exercises covered during the course were very useful, and can be performed in everyday situations. The course has really made me think about my behaviour in my environment. It enabled me to have self-awareness and confidence in my own abilities. I also gained new insights in my life, how I can better communicate with others, and build rapport for beneficial outcomes. I value the practical nature of the course which helps us change the way that we think, view past events, and approach life more peacefully.
Indika Medagangoda

Dear Ms Jayamini,
I still cannot understand what made me come to you. But when I came for the training I felt that this is just what I was looking for. It was a wonderful experience for me. Each and every word you said was unique. The words " mindfulness, phenomenal life, positive intention, unlimited potential, beautiful world, ...etc. still echo in my mind. I tasted your loving, caring nature in every single moment throughout the training.
After the training I started believing in myself. I feel that my soul is filled with some bright energy which makes me very comfortable and people around me notice it too. Some positive changes are taking place within me. I am usually tired from working the whole day. However, after the training, I have found a sense of lightness and positive feelings once I finish my day's work. So Ms. Jay, thank you so much for your guidance. May God bless you to continue all your good work.
Shyama Thilakarathna

Dear Jayamini,
I feel that I have born again on this earth... with massive, internal transformation which i cant fully describe in words.
I really perceive/experience about myself as an empowered woman who is able to achieve my all noble aspirations within another 5 years.
I convey my deepest heart felt gratitude to you and the universal force for giving me this unique opportunity in my life.
NLP had opened up a vast new world which was hidden within me...

Chandani Ramasinghe

When I came in I had no idea of what I am getting in to. However, the 16 hours of the course was felt like minutes. I did not even feel time passing, usually I look at my watch so many times during the day. I am going out with more clarity about what I want to do to get to my desired future.

Harsha Kapilarathna

This was a great programme. The NLP entry level course opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities. It is a good learning experience.
Thank you.
Kusan Atukorala

Moment I saw the e-flyer it �clicked� me that I should attend the programme, and it looked impossible due to my lecture schedules. I felt I can try to reschedule the lectures and YES I did, not knowing weather or not it will worth the time for me who serves both as a manager in a corporate organization and as a lecturer.
Today I thanked my inner soul for clicking it to me as the time was worth it; since the brilliant insights into why people act and react in ways they do based on past experiences and how to use selected tools to positively enable people to reset their abilities for success at work place. As a lecturer this entry level NLP programme helped me immensely with the careful guidance of the well trained practitioner Ms. Jayamini.
Her mastery cleared many of my doubts I possessed about myself, which made me a person who can be a forgiver and an admirer from complete mind and body. The language, positive vocabulary and behavior Ms. Jayamini the practitioner used intimated me with the lecture postures and gestures I should adapt to enable students to perceive better. Further the preparatory guidance that was extended is commendable as it enabled us absorb the best from the workshop.
This is a crash course that would benefit anyone who seek for development in both personal and professional spheres while extending assistance to others development through effective communication, as it will enable you better connect with outside world.
I would highly recommend this NLP programme for anyone who seek to be an efficient and effective communicator and who seek tips to connect with people in a shorter time frame. It did help me and I strongly believe it would be for many.
"Reflecting on the knowledge and experience I gathered from this programme I feel that 'click' was a signal my Higher Self and today I feel the happiness from all my mind and body."
Nisansala Danushki Hapuarachchi

Dear Jayamini/ Gamaka
it was absolutely fascinating, both the content and the delivery of the session. I was exposed to unknown frontiers. I had my own pre-conclusions fighting with the techniques taught. They were being challenged. I have been doing some of them but did not have a proper structure to justify. Throughout the session i was wandering 'Jayamini, how you acquire this wealth of experience?'
I felt a new warmth and a kind of undefinable love encapsulating me. Truly my life will change hereafter. The way I looked at things have changed, it has given a new outlook! I wow to live in this new world which was created.
two BIG hugs to Jayamini and Gamaka for this tremendous experience and looking forward for the next session.

Ashok Fonseka Gunathilake

Hi Gamaka,
Today got some energy to positively write what I felt and feel now about the amazing rollercoaster ride I had last week. So many things I took home with me, learning the techniques, the practical sessions and the experience which changed my thinking pattern. I positively can say I am not the same old person after finishing the session. I was a new better person.
I liked Jayamini's positive energy towards us, charming character and the ability to talk to the heart and by that opening the eyes to see new levels of us.
I'm very much interested in continuing the programme.
Love both you guys.

Dear Ms Jayamini
It does not usually happen. The trainees don't usually spend time to give a feed back of the training to the trainer. I was so fascinated about the training you offered that I wanted to express my feelings.
I posted a photo of my NLP entry level certificate in my Facebook wall. I am getting many likes and congratulatory comments. My ex boss, ex CEO of the company, now happen to be a FB friend of mine has said, "It's indeed a great science. I did a seven day program twenty years back and it was life changing. Great going Muwan, Never too late for anything in Life". I jokingly asked him as to why he didn't tell me about NLP before. Some others who had not known what NLP was, would have searched for it before commenting.
Ms Jayamini, I haven't got over being too emotional and crying yet completely but I for sure know that I am heading towards success. Now I have become a "Big Muwan" who wants to grow, face the society with joy, tell stories without breaking up and move in the society as a matured man.
I couldn't remember the melody of that song "Every little cell in my body..."," so I created my own melody with little music and took it to my Voice Recorder. Now, every now and then I sing along the same way we sang it with you in our meditation session. True enough. Looks like every little cell in my body is happy to hear me sing that song. Happiness is overflowing.
Most important quality I saw in you and in Mr Gamaka was that you were easily accessible. The trainers whom I had met in my life (all locals of course) did not have any room for what we call "small talks". As if they will loose credibility if they get into a friendly chat with the trainees.
Thank you once again Miss Jayamini, for the valuable instructions and guidance! You are blessed with a profession through which a service of high quality can be rendered to the people.
Please give my kind regards to Mr Gamaka and Miss Nilimini.
Good luck and all the best!
Chandrawansa Muwanwella

I was able to learn a new educational method which is actually helpful for my career and it is NLP. I am so thankful to Ms Jayamini and Mr Gamaka, I really appreciate your kindness is giving this type of valuable programs. I have decided to learn NLP further, till I become an NLP Coach. Once again thank you very much for "Changing my life positively".
Lakshika Subasinghe

Before I participated in the NLP training program I did not recognize how bad some of my behaviours were. After learning from you I could identify my weaknesses, how to eliminate them abd how to reach my goals with a clear path.
Thank you for the advices you gave me. May you able to help others to solve their problems in life too.

Bahashana Jayalath

To my friends who opened my mind to appreciate the good things in life...
Nary a day goes by that I reflect on time I invested seated amongst fellow brethren who have all gathered to learn, be refreshed and acquire knowledge of the art and science of holistic wellbeing and the power of harnessing the resources well within the reach of each of us. At first my interest was piqued by the mysteries and the magic of a promise that engulfed this new way of thinking, listening and the ability to control our own emotions resulting in positive behavior with those we interact. It�s been several months now since I attended these sessions with Ms.Jayamini Samarathunge a proponent of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a passionate guru who tirelessly coached, encouraged and empowered us to take control of our lives and be who we are meant to be. I was touched by her energy, sincerity and attitude that made me a true believer in the knowledge that she so generously shared with us. Today I�m more confident of myself, have improved my personal relationships and able to empathize with others and �see� things that I would otherwise have missed.
Without reservation this is the best self-improvement course I have taken.
I wish Jayamini and Gamaka the very best of success.
With sincere gratitude.
Arjun L. Gunawardene.

Dear Jayamini and Gamaka, I lived as myself for 38 years without a proper understanding about me. Past weekend I realized my-self and I am in the right path to exploring self. My conscious believe it now.
May triple gems bless you and the team.

I think you did a great job and all pos explained well. I have learned things I've never heard of before and I will take every opportunity to apply what I leant and uunderstood from here onwards. I really appreciate this program.
Thank you,
Kalpani Hettige

I enjoyed the work ethics work ethics, methodology and structure of the programme. The presentation was ready to understand. I'd encourage anyone who'd wish to discover their inner reality and being.

Arjun Gunawardene

I think you changed my thinking pattern. It really help me to be ecological person. The first day after the training I went home with the knowledge of "energy flows where attention goes". Its amazing, as I entered my home with with this idea in my mind, I felt my wife love me more than before and my kids the same. Few hours later I got the feedback I got I got the feedback of my change. My wife asked me "what's the change with you". I asked her why and she said, "I felt you love me more than ever before".
I asked myself why I didnot use the techniques and tools that I already have untill you (Jay) tell me "Hey, you have unlimited power. Take out tools and use what you already have in yoir pockets."
Thank you Jay, you really inspire me.

Hi Jay,
The program was amazing and a life changing experience. I didn�t know how much I was going through. When I realized I did not know how to change those un-useful thoughts and behaviors. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life.
With love,
Daisy Dassanayake

NLP Entry Level Certification is a Training Program that reflects who you are, a unique program that mirror your inner self.

Ameen Abdeen

Personally, this is a good program because this is really affected me and I had learnt lots of things. When I came for the training program I did not have much idea about the mind & NLP and other important areas such as how to change our thinking and behaviors.
Now I have realized that our beliefs are not always true and things we think are not always correct. I learnt ways, where I can think how other think in their mind by second positioning. It is really important for me, especially for my personal life.
I really thank Gamaka for introducing this program and Dinesh (my boss) to spending money so that I can take part in the training program. Thanks for Jayamini for your correct and useful guidance.
Thank you for all,

Dear Jayamini and Gamaka
This is a superb training program for individuals who are stuck with their thoughts and conditions which they can enhance the progression by doing or training themselves to program the self in a useful manner. Thank you so much for showing me how to achieve my goals and what to focus in my life, which I was not able to accomplish up until this moment.
Wish you both all the very best for everything you do in life and may you higher conscious guide you through out the life.
Thank You,

As I heard of the program and the content, I first was not sure whether to join or not since I have been following the trainings session by Jayamini in the office. Since it is the weekend I did not want to waste time against the other activities I have to attend together with my husband. Also was wondering whether it's worth the money.
However, as I made it, I realized that now only I give the real meaning to what I am learning (though I have learnt them before). Sacrificing two days was definitely worth and was an investment for a fruitful life. It's an eye opener for many areas which I never looked at in my life. Thank you for all the guidance and generosity you have shown by supporting me through a though time.

My first NLP training, I am able to clear my head and relax. This helps me to focus on my purpose of life and pursue my dreams. I have also learnt to let go of so many things that was holding me back and move forward and be productive. I also learnt how my mind works, and to be able to get guidance and wisdom from my higher-self.


I enjoyed the program as it introduced to me what NLP is and helped me to make some important decisions.

This two days of my life made me to boost my life, to excel for the better than a "dual-core" system. Really wonderful session to be memorable, where I really transformed the way of thinking, working, dealing with people, managing my life, and to live peacefully in this universe.
Thumbs up and Hats off Ms Jayamini!
You were a real motivator and a real guide for a successful, stress-free easy going life.
Thank You Very Much,
Zamreen Zarook

This weekend was an eye opening experience. More than just being a weekend workshop, it was a two days filled with enlightenment, laughter, joy and insight. Jayamini is a wonderful, exuberant person who initially knows how to help each of us.
I look forward to more such experience with the Holistic Wellness Home.
Thanks Jayamini & Gamaka


I've learnt that all the limitations put in front of me are all made by myself and can be changed to my benefit easily. I got to know that I can find any number of resources to do my work if I look for it actively.
I feel more released, and also feel I Can Do.
Jayamini is a very friendly & knowledgeable in the subject who can read us very well & help us. Like to recommend for anyone who wants to improve their life.

Sisira Kumara

You go through life with lots of limitations without knowing and having no knowledge that the limitations can be addressed and dealt with, empowering you to achieve your dreams / goals. NLP Entry Level Certification program is the beginning of such a journey.
Thanks Jayamini for being our teacher / guide and sharing your wisdom with us. I hope I get a with you more to seek counsel from your winsdom.
Blessings Always
Sanjeeva Pieris

NLP was a good learning experience. I learnt many techniques, which will be useful for my personal development.


I felt very grounded with the NLP weekend. I have done NLP training previously but this was a totally different experience. At the end of 2 days I have not only learned something I have had breakthroughs in some of the most crucial areas of my life. I love the personalized attention that I have received from the facilitators (Gamaka, Nilmini and Omal) and resources person Jayamini. This program has certainly help me to find some of the blind spots of my life which I was just waiting to take action. Now there is a 360 degree shift when I look at things. I encourage everyone to attend the 2 days weekend work shop of NLP. Transformation is guaranteed. My sincere gratitude to the team of Holistic Wellness home for doing a fantastic work in organizing this amazing session.


Hi Jayamini, You know I really enjoyed the NLP sessions. The best thing about it I think is because it doesn't question us. It doesn't ask "why?" and make us feel guilty. That's the best thing about your coaching and healing as well. This weekend has I feel made a real difference for me. I think a lot of my negativity has gone, I see things very differently now. Thank you so much.
Love and blessings,
Riz - Maldives

I think the program is very productive. Within 2 days it can bring out a vast difference in you and make you realize the obvious in you that you had not realized until now. Its a nice new experience and will help you to balance your life. It will be like your personal coach and will guide you throughout life. It is very productive. Everyone should try it and no one will ever regret it


This program changed the way I look at myself and helped me to believe in myself. I realized that what is stopping me from becoming the person I want to be is my own belief system. Thank you and best of luck!


Participated the program in the conventional method, but in the first hour itself found this is a completely revolutionary, marvelous program. Many questions were answered by Ms. Jayamini in a very simple manner, and we got results instantly. For me this is an excellent program where I did not expect such a quick and easy manner, resolved many problems I had. As a counseling psychologist, I feel she is a master of psychologist in the way she resolved the problems. Thanking is just not enough to show my gratitude for her service.
May the triple gem protect you.
Dr K. M. Chandrasekara (Counseling Psychologist)

I have learnt so much in these two days & mainly I have hope again to look forward in life. The advanced belief change was the best for me and the poem had so much motivation which I will be singing to myself daily. Thank you Jayamini and Gamaka for teaching me what NLP is and giving me strength to face my life in a much more positive way.


"Things you learn, things you do. You either learn it or you do it." This quote just popped in to my mind when I was in a trance at the NLP Entry Level training. I will take home, college, work and even virtual reality the objectives of this course, which were,
� Learning what "NLP" is
� Know what techniques to choose and then use it make rational or logical decisions
� Know that there can be a connection between conscious, unconscious and higher conscious
� Know that your life goals are goals you set with motivation and determination
Thank You,

Fuzley - South Africa

It was a mind drilling course as the techniques (NLP) taught by the wonderful coach Jayamini Samarathunge really made me think how I can become a better person if I want to. I'm ever so thankful to her and her colleagues.


Decision that I made to join NLP and Reiki with Ms. Jayamini Samarathunge truly transformed my life and it helped to create a shift in my own perspective. Enlightenment and clarity I gathered helps me to carry a peaceful life in this chaotic world and to eliminate multitude distractions in my life and concentrate on only the things I want, it had the power to make a difference in the way I worked, behaved, and lived.
I was in a big mental clutter when I joined this programme, underwent lot of issues, problems in my life, and I knew I was not living my life to the maximum, surprisingly life lessons of NLP helped me to let go of the mental clutter that problems tend to generate. NLP cleared my path; I was able to create new ways to melt the stress, with the help of NLP. Not only me friends of mine also reaped the benefits from my NLP knowledge.
We walk in this planet for such a short time. In the overall schemes of things, our lives are mere blips on the canvas of eternity, why we do not explore our true happiness, enjoyment and ultimate realization of life, join NLP and have the wisdom to enjoy the journey, savor the process, and fuel your future growth


The first impression was the nice surrounding and nice people who I met. When I came I did not have any understanding about NLP. However, the team lead by Jayamini guided us through the learning process so that I became comfortable with NLP concepts. The program was well planned and delivered in the best of it. I feel like continuing to learn NLP. Wish you good luck.


Very good workshop. We learnt a lot of things. Because I am near to subject, I will give the message to others also.


Two days spent gave clarity and purpose to my goals! Deep learning about manifesting your dreams in to reality!


Thanks to Ms Jayamini and team for giving me an experience to a total new way of looking at myself and situations I face day-to-day. NLP Entry Level Certification Program has helped me to overcome myself limitations and increase my confidence and productivity.


I am very lucky to get to know about this NLP workshop. I enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot. Specially the way Jayamini presented is very attractive. I spent two days like a one hour.


Unbelievable Jayamini and Gamaka. I got 100% change in my life. Now I can think in a different way. NLP will brighten my future. This will be useful to my husband and my kid. Now I have a goal and I am 100% sure I can achieve it. And also I have confidence that I can deal with and communicate with anybody strongly. Therefore, thank you very much for delivering your knowledge to me.


Thank you for the wonderful experience at NLP Entry Level Training Program. I exercised what has been though at my working environment found that it working like a magic. The intention of the day way very powerful and imagining a pyramid around my body has made a defensive mechanism on me. I delivered a presentation yesterday for 7 minutes without any hassle and making the crowd laugh with a joke.
I thank you for the wonderful stuff and individual attention given to me as this is the first time I experience such an exposure.


It's a privilege to spend two days with you, because it's well worth for a human being. I was able to achieve 100% of my intentions. It was awesome. I learnt so many things from the program; How to deal with life; How to be confident; How to set goals etc.
Good work & keep it up.


The two-day workshop on NLP was awesome; it's a life transforming experience and a real eye opener to deal with the daily challenges of life. NLP can help people transform their lives for the better. It works like magic. The things we thought would never change such as phobias, limiting believes and relationship issues can be solved almost instantly with NLP tools.

Shafeeq - Maldives

NLP Advanced Certification Testimonials

Learning NLP helped me see and experience life more fully and appreciate this life and the life who gave the blessing of this beautiful experience on earth. It were the techniques I learnt with NLP that helped me to accept people and events as they are. This awareness and understanding of the positive intention behind every behavior of the other person helped improve interpersonal relationships and to live life with peace. I myself and others who interact with me notice that I look at events and people more positively.
I love NLP for the fact that practicing NLP daily helps me to see strengths in my spiritual self too. I see that all I learnt from NLP to live a peaceful life is all originally coming from our Creator who of course loves and cares about His creation the most (Al-hamdulillahi)
I take this opportunity to thank my trainer Jayamini and everyone else who helped me throughout to become who I am today.

Mariyam - Maldives

I have had the distinct pleasure of having Jayamini as a Trainer in my quest to learn NLP and Life Coaching. Jayamini has been more than the ideal Trainer. In order to achieve the highest results and my deepest respect, she has demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose when she conducts a training.
The professionals who come to her are most challenging, and Jayamini fulfilled all the expectations of all attending at each and every session that she has conducted. Jayamini is an outstanding extemporaneous speaker. She has won many hearts by what she does, and qualified in many subjects. Success in NLP activities requires extensive research and persuasive skills and unmatched skills.
Since her students, my fellow NLPiers, and I will always hold her in the highest esteem, I sincerely recommend Jayamini as the ideal Trainer for NLP and related areas that she is engaged in.


I walked in to the program with a basic understanding what NLP, but with a little reservation about the science behind it. After going through many processes both tangible and intangible, I am beginning to open myself to the new possibilities. The programme really helped me to go deep in to NLP and learn basics and processes in a very practical way.


Each day in the program I set a different intention and I achieved all of them. Many things that has been crippling me have lost their hold on me now. I feel so empowered to take steps towards my business - helping everyone else to be excellent.
Now I believe everything is possible and I can!
These four days really transformed my life. Other participants were very enthusiastic and trainer was really awesome.


I came with lot of unresolved issues within me and with the hopes of learning NLP to help myself and others. Most importantly to drive myself passionately towards my goals.
By the end of the four days I spent learning NLP, I have now equipped myself with knowledge, skills, techniques and developed attitudes to create a true difference in my life. Today, at the end of this course, I leave feeling sorry that it is time to depart, yet I am so happy on the achievements obtained and those yet to be.


I came to the program amidst many obstacles especially my own mind set and to be honest my heart was not in it. However, I have learnt a great deal and I am glad I completed the program. I now feel more empowered than before and more fluent with the knowledge, scope and endless opportunities that NLP has to offer. Thank you Jayamini.
Lots of Love and Gratitude,


Coaching Testimonials

Testimonial - Nandun Rathnasekara
When I met GamakaShri, I was facing one of the biggest problems of my life. At the same time, I was preparing for the most important target of my future. I am very good at solving problems, I have helped many people to find solution to their life problems. I was facing a problem I could not solve myself. Because of that I could not make any progress with my target.
I am glad I met GamakaShri. Working with him, I found very good solutions, that I can easily relate to.
What I really like about GamakaShri is that he opened up different dimensions of my current situation that I never thought about.
In my experience the other counselors and coaches try to fit the clients to their person framework and drive them towards a goal as they see fit, not decided by the client.
What I noticed with GamakaShri was that he fully understood my situation, then addressed both my heart and brain and helped me find a solution, instead of giving his solution like other coaches do.
I would highly recommend this Coaching program to anyone who is trying to achieve important life goals but feels stuck. GamakaShri will help you get clarity about what your goals are and what is the best way for you to start achieving it. This is your opportunity to live your life in your own terms, doing what you want to do.

Testimonial - Imesha Bopagoda
I started coaching program conducted by coach GamakaShri last month when I was at a point of my life where I felt lost. I did not know why I was feeling so unhappy and I did not know how to fix it.
The program helped me to find the roots of my unhappiness. I was able to find how incidents happened in past that had left scars in me and how they were affecting me in many ways I was not even aware.
Coach GamakaShri healed those scars allowing me to have a brand-new start. He taught me new methods & gave me tools to live a happy life. I am so grateful for the program and I thank coach GamakaShri for helping me.

Testimonial - Sanduni Wijesooriya
I was heartbroken and angry with everyone. My future looked bleak. This is when I luckily enrolled in the coaching program with GamakaShri.
GamakaShri guided me to find inspiration in myself. Now I have a clear picture of my future and my life. I have started to move forward, and I am excited to achieve my life goals.

Jayamini Samarathunge has been working with us for more than five years. Currently, she is conducting executive coaching sessions for our Senior Management as well as NLP training for some divisions. Her coaching sessions are tailored to our aspirations; we are confident that her one-on-one recommendations cannot be found elsewhere. I recommend Jayamini as an insightful, easy-going, heart-centered, results-oriented business and life coach who helps us determine the strategy for moving towards our vision for growth! I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate trainer and coach.

Rinoza Hisham
Company Secretary/AGM(HR), United Motors Lanka PLC.

I would like to state that I found Jayamini's coaching very useful. At a time when there was a lot of negativity in my life, she taught me so many ways of being positive which really helped when put into practice. She also comes across as being someone you can totally open your heart and thoughts to and confide in. I used to return from every session feeling better than when I went in. All in all, Jayamini is somebody I will not forget for the role she played in my life.

Neesha Fernando

Having moved to Sri Lanka from the UK, I took 6 sessions with Jay, to try and help me find some clarity and direction in my new life and career. Having never done any form of NLP / coaching before, this process was all new to me but I found the whole experience very powerful. It created some short and longer term change, meaning that I will maintain my link with Jay and NLP in the future having seen the value it can bring.

Sam Davis

"Thank you Jayamini for helping me to listen to myself and what the universe was trying to tell me, which I had always been too occupied to pay attention to. Thank you for opening my heart, mind, and soul to the immense possibilities that lie before me on this journey that I have chosen to experience. Jayamini, you are a person who identifies what each individual needs and are able to quickly work with everyone to get fast and lasting results. One only needs to open their mind and heart to you.
Thank you once again".
Mithu Kingsley
Siam City Cement

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
A good coach can change A GAME. A great coach can change A LIFE'. Thank you for changing our lives, Jay. God Bless you.
Vasuki Manivannan

To Jayamini
Please accept this token of gratitude.
Most of my friends and colleagues say changing behavioral pattern is really tough, but when we followed your Executive coaching program, it was easy and could feel the true value of it. You are very understanding, challenging, discerning and enduring. You also have remarkable instincts and knowledge. You helped me to see things from different angles and to improve my communication pattern through coaching which also helped me to learn to identify the obstacles and key performance issues that have been holding me back. Further, you are a hard-worker who's willing to take new challenges to impact instructions and create an excellent coaching environment. What I found to be the best asset is your ability to utilize appropriate language and positive attitude to interact effectively with the participants. The skill and concepts learned from your coaching will be precious for rest of my career. And the ability to discuss confidential and specific situations with a trusted third party and to receive relevant and solid feedback has been invaluable to me.
Thank you so much for all your support and kind advices.
Sudhakaran Pillai
AGM Technical,
United Motors Lanka PLC.

Dear Jayamini,
I always wanted to send few words to extol the wonderful few weeks of coaching you did for me. As you know very well, I always wanted to be perfect, and sometimes delays some extremely important tasks. So this testimony took a long time to find the exact words to describe those valuable few weeks you have taken me through.
People say change is hard. It is; but it is much more achievable when you have Jayamini as a coach to guide you through the process. She is a professional coach, with unique perspectives and listening skills. I believe her coaching style is a perfect fit for any leader who wants to perform at a greater level. I was lucky to have Jayamini as an executive coach during a period of time where I struggled to find solutions for some of the obstacles which I couldn't find remedies for years.
During those coaching sessions, I was able to identify the blockers and mind barriers that have been holding me back and I was well directed to the right path. This coaching session was one of the best programs I have ever experienced in my life.
B. Singhage
General Manager (Technical, Parts & Accessories)
United Motors Lanka PLC.

When I made the decision to attend the Executive Coaching program, I didn't realize I was making a choice that would change my life forever. I am so much more confident in my ability to attract with processes at work and contribute to the success of the organisation with my fullest ability and focus on improving personal life by connecting with the most important people in my life.
The coach was amazing! My favourite part about the program was the tailored feedback, I grew by leaps and bounds each day because of the coach's feedback I received. Coaching program changed my life so much that my colleagues see me as a different person with new skills, my husband and family see me as a delightful individual without fears and insecurities that had been holding me back before I began the coaching program.
I can honestly say this coaching program improved the way I looked at life and exceeded my expectation about the program.
Thank you
Nishadi Pethiyagoda
Assistant Manager - HR

We are delighted to get Jay's help to set goals as a family and coach the whole family to achieve them faster. She worked with all of us to identify the current situation and set a course based on current state and desired outcome. She gave all the support we need with and our questions and concerns were answered with a lot if energy. This approach was really effective.
Our daughter studying in grade three (2015) was able to score exactly equal marks for the her most difficult subject (Environmental Studies) as her easiest subject (Buddhism) after an individual coaching session with Jay. Her dancing team became second in the province and a lot of positive things happened to my daughter during the coaching period itself.
As a family we set higher goals. Interestingly we were able achieve or are confident in achieve the bigger goals during the course itself. We started looking at the world differently and accepted the differences.
There are lot more to say. In short the course is very effective for the family to achieve more with a passion together.
We wish all the success to Jay and Gamaka for helping the community
Janesh, Charani and Hansi

Jayamini will support and honour your journey of personal growth and fulfilment. She will help you find the courage to explore, to see different perspectives, to challenge those outdated narratives that we hold about ourselves, and to change. She awakens those long-dormant dreams, and reminds us that we are all creative and resourceful. She will guide you towards a new and brighter path. When you walk along this path you will appreciate that its foundations are deep, strong and life sustaining.
With much love and sincere thanks,
Paulette - Geneva

The Life Coaching Program I spent with you was the most eye opening and life changing two days in my life. I had a much clearer picture of who I am. Although I have taken personal development programs in the past, the two days were different that I actually saw the change in me even on the very first day. I was transformed on the spot. The root cause of my problem was identified and it is not a problem for me at all now. The NLP process was life changing, and the anchors that were developed for positive outcome really works. I had meditations and two REIKI sessions which must have contributed a lot to the quick change in me. You made life so easy for me. You have a beautiful heart, I cannot thank you enough.

Ahmed - Maldives

I'm someone who had faced various kinds of problems in life (personal as well as professional) and amidst all that I was/am having a very good life too. Well.. I wouldn't have made this statement 3 months ago ?. I would have rather said, I have faced lot of problems in my life (personal as well as professional) and I'm fed up with life as nothing seems to be working well for me etc etc etc. lot of complaints about my life. Turning point indeed was meeting Jayamini 3+ months ago.
Yes, I'm someone who had a larger share of problems in my life which I always though not fair. Even though I 'weathered all storms that came my way' I was really getting fed up of never ending problems. I was so consumed by problems I even failed to see the good things I had in my life. I was always thinking there is 'no light at the end of the tunnel' and I was angry with some people who was /is in my life and even I was angry with my religion as I thought all of them were responsible for my problems.
In May 2012, I saw an e-mail about NLP entry level program by Jayamini. I have seen those mails earlier and I was keen to learn NLP but never could find the time or make the effort. When I saw the mail this time I saw their websites listed on the mail and I visited the websites and I was keen to learn about all the wellness programs, life coaching, NLP etc. I called Jayamini and briefly explained my situation over the phone and stated the interest of enrolling for NLP. We both agreed we will meet prior to that and I got an appointment to see her.
So I went to Holistic Wellness Home and met her for the first time. She was so warm and friendly I could just open up without much difficulty. I went on telling all my problems and she listened to me very empathetically and at the end she asked me "Priya, is everything in your life so bad?" and I answered "No, there are many good things in my life".
From that day onwards my attention/focus moved from bad things in life to good things in my life and also I realized no one else is responsible for my life situations, but I AM!!
I enrolled for NLP entry level and it helped me to look at things differently. With NLP I learned 'People are not their behaviours' which really made a difference in the way I looked at people.
I enrolled for Life coaching (which I have never have done before) and it helped me immensely for personal development. I had good academic and professional qualifications but without personal development I was not a 'whole' person. I wish I took these steps many years ago but as we all know 'the time should be right for anything to happen'. I'm very happy I have taken these steps even bit later in my life; better late than never. I'm quite confident I will have a better life in coming months/ years.
In this life coaching session Jaymini guided me to set up life goals, define steps to work towards it. Jayamini also diminished my unforgiving part and hence I was able to forgive some people who have hurt me deeply. I started meditating, I became keen to learn my religion, I started reading very interesting books which explains things about life and how and why certain things are happening and my life really started changing. Actually what changed was the way I looked at things and how I reacted to them and everything looked better. I cleaned the glasses which I was using to look at the world ?. I'm ever so grateful for Jayamini for all what she has done for me. She has given me a new life, nurturing it and directing it to serve my purpose of life is my responsibility.
By the time I'm writing this I'm following NLP advanced course which really gives me tools to understand myself and then others. It's an Outcome oriented process so it really adds value to life.
I was always holding back from pursuing my ambition due to various reasons. During this course Jayamini helped me understand what was really the fear and how I should overcome it and achieve what I want.
I have to say that I have achieved quite a lot for last 3 months thanks to Jayamini and her team and other friends I met at AOL gatherings and NLP classes. There is lot more to do. I have to work hard as nothing comes easy. I know the path now and I know Jayamini will always be there to guide me and give me a push if I fall back ?.
She is a multi talented teacher. She is very kind and teaches very 'heavy' concepts like NLP very 'lightly' and we do not realize time passing. Jayamini's talented team, Gamaka and Rathika have been very kind to me from day one too. Going to Wellness Home is like going Home. Sheena's welcome is so adorable and Batithi's interventions are also very interesting. It's so peaceful and we can just relax or can have some fun?
I wish her and her team all the success in all their endeavors!!


Dear Gamaka, I am sure you and Jayamini come across umpteen numbers of people in a single month. Despite I'm amazed that you know and remember all of us. Thank you for enquiring of my concern. Well I do not feel a concern anymore. As Jayamini advised I am living life believing what I desire has already been granted me though my eyes don't see it yet. Similar to buying a bedroom set which has not been delivered to me yet :). It is mine but not reached me yet. I have every faith that it is mine so no need to be concerned.
Many other wonderful things also have happened in the meantime. I have learned the power of gratitude and so many people in my past who were supports to me has resurfaced in a wondrous manner bringing strength and joy to me. I also notice so many of my trivial desires manifest before me that I have realised the power there is in me to manifest what i want.
That's the state I am in now which is wonderful!"

Ashani - UAE

Dear Aunty Jay,
Expression of strength, belief, confidence, determination, peace, love and happiness. The list goes on... but aunty, you are the one who taught me the real meaning behind these terms and how the right implementation of them can be life transforming!
You were always there for me when I needed guidance, healing and support and I thank god every day for guiding me to you.
Thank you for believing in me.

Manisha - London

I was stammering more than 25 years. Through a friend I got to know about Jayamini and her work. Because I have been trying almost everything in my life, so I thought of giving a try. I started the seven weeks coaching program. I started feeling the improvement from the first day. I was testing myself everyday and I got the confirmation through myself.
Last week I finished this coaching program and at the end, she taught me some extra points to keep this going on. I'll share a experience I had in last week. I'm on a Speech Craft program at my office. I had to evaluate a speech of my fellow speech crafter. I was so surprised the way I did that. Actually it was flawless. I was so happy to see the improvement.
This was the only help I got in my life. I'm so grateful to Jayamini for the help which was given to me.


Public Speacking Testimonials

Becoming an Inspirational Speaker is my dream. And, I have strived to improve my Public Speaking skills for some time now.
A very important difference I noticed between this Public Speaking program carried out by Mind Designs International is that Jayamini and Gamaka gives individual and personal attention to each and every one of us and we feel important that they really want us to improve in our communication not just in public speaking but also when interacting with other people.
There were a lot of important lessons for me. One of the most important thing was the way I stood when I spoke to people - I used to tilt to one side and talk; this is the physiology of lack of confidence. Now, I am conscious of the way I stand, balanced on my feet. Another important lesson is to respect the audience for their opinions. These little things contribute a whole lot when we are communicating with another human being.
I am truly grateful for Jayamini and Gamaka for conducting this course. Thank you so much!


Having participated in the Public Speaking training program organized by Gamaka and Jayamini of Mind designs international from October 1st to 17th, I must say that it far exceeded my expectations.
The NLP techniques used to overcome anxiety and "stage fright" was extremely effective and practical which had immediate results.
The combination of covering the technical points involved in the preparation and execution of a good speech together with the NLP techniques used for self-mastery during the process of giving speeches in front of an audience was indeed a winning combination that went far beyond conventional public speaking workshops organized by many formal institutions.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is seriously interested in developing him/herself not only as a good public speaker but also as a confident and capable human being with a winning attitude.


For fifteen years I was looking for someone to help me overcome my inability to stand in front of an audience and deliver a speech. I can speak to large gathering, but I need to be seated. I was so happy when I got the Public Speaking Program flyer from Mind Designs International. I registered immediately. This program lived-up to all my expectations.
My subordinates had a surprise the last time when I spoke to them to see that I was standing in front of them. Many wanted to know what made the magical change happen.
The impact of the training is not limited to Public Speaking skills. Now I see myself being more proactive in other areas of life. The meetings that used to drag-on now finishes on time because now I have tools to identify what I want out of the situation and how to pass-on the message that matches the people I am talking to.


Reason I joined the Public Speaking program with Jayamini and Gamaka is not to be able to talk to a crowd since there are only few such opportunities for me. My interest was to develop my skills to speak to my clients clearly so that they understand me better and give me more business.
I have achieved my goal 100%. Now when I speak to clients what I should tell come effortlessly and I have noticed I am more confident handling client inquiries too.
Not only these, the program has helped me in other areas of life."Guilt traps" Now I am more aware about this and have tools to deal with those situations better. My working and personal relationships are improving due to improved communication skills.


Corporate Training Programs

The NLP programme was one of the best training programmes I have ever attended. The materials and training methods were excellent. It was very inspirational, energizing and brought out lots of fresh ideas. I recommend this training programme to all public sector employees who are interested in seeing real progress in their organisations as well as their personal lives.
Dayani Sinhapura
Director (Admin)
Department of Buildings

Dear Jayamini,
Thank you for all your efforts and hard work on the NLP and Applied Psychology based training and development intervention for our staff and meeting our specific business requirements. It is such a pleasure to inform you that we've been very impressed with your professionalism, kindness and excellent communication throughout the process. The training has been well focused on our business needs and you constantly provided us an outstanding service with unmatched quality. Undoubtedly, you have exceeded our expectations.
T.H Hiruni Vasana
Manager- HR & Admin
Ceyline Shipping Ltd

Thanks to Ms. Jayamini and Mr. Gamaka our staff has started to think differently. Day by day, incident by incident it proves to us that NLP training conducted by Mind Designs International has changed the employees positively. We have conducted other training programs, but NLP training program was the most attractive and mind blowing program among them.
We covered around 150 employees including Managers, Executives, Supervisors and non-executive team members in to six (6) training sessions of which each and every session was very effective. One thing that confirmed me that how much employees were enjoyed and benefitted by the Ms. Jayamini�s training methods was, after few days of the training employees started coming to HR department and said �Thank you very much for arranging training program with Ms. Jayamini & Mr. Gamaka. Those lessons are applicable in real life�. It clearly indicates that after certain time period of the training implementation also they feel the benefit of it where we can�t see from most other training programs.
The professional way of Ms. Jayamini & Mr. Gamaka presented the training and the knowledge and experience they shared was impressive. Thank you very much for enlightening our team members and helping them to identify their true potentials.
So everyone, if you want to see real positive change in your staffs or yourselves, just Make a call to Mind designs, because they are maters in it.
Anushka Namaluwa
Asst. Manager Human Resources, Calamander Group.

The training was very well delivered with practical example and helps to apply in our day to day lives in many aspects. This will enable each of us to handle our work with a balanced approach rather than stressing ourselves unnecessarily.
When lessons are applied in our lives it will enable us to look at work with a more positive approach specially when there is a lot to do with limited timing. Physical exercise was very productive for our mind, relax & comfort, don�t feel laziness for daily routines.
Time to time providing such training will enable everyone of us to evaluate ourselves too, and to take certain different approaches to our usual way of doing things.
The Management and the entire Audit Trainees were happy about the Workshop and valuable for their future and we all wish you the very best.
Wijeyeratne & Company - Staff & Management

I personally love Jayamini's psychological approach in her presentations and the interactions with the participants.
From a corporate point of view, she has ignited the thinking process of many by making them realize the need to change positively.
Her tactics to make the participants bond with each other are amazingly effective.
All the very best.
Fawas - Amana Takaful

Jayamini has a gifted technique of imparting knowledge and effectively engaging her participants.
Her sessions are very interactive, meaningful and has a direct relevance to business results.

Farhan - Amana Takaful

Thank you! Jayamini & Gamaka for conducting a fantastic NLP program for the Fonterra Marketing team! It was very insightful & the learning's can be applied by the participants in both their professional & personal lives. Look forward to continuing our association!

Dinusha - Fonterra

Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Dear Jayamini, Congratulations for conducting an excellent workshop on "Unleashing the Power of Your Subconscious Mind". What made it most pleasant were your delivery with passion and you were always smiling with enthusiasm. You exhibited awareness of many related subjects/topics and were honestly bent on imparting knowledge on a wide field within half a day.


Dear Jayamini, I just want to say a big thank you, to you and the team for facilitating the session last Sunday. It was a fantastic experience with you being an excellent coach and also meeting like-minded people. I must also say that the �Law of Attraction� had played its part in getting me there, because I rarely check my Yahoo account and one day I was deleting the hundreds of emails in my inbox and it was only accidentally that I saw your flyer about the seminar.
I have read quite number famous books on the subject by Dr. Joseph Murphy, Shakthi Gawain, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Wallace D. Wattles, Sonia Ricotti and Rhonda Byrne. But strangely, for nearly 17 years now, I couldn't apply this knowledge for reasons such as being too busy with office work and family life, which I'm sure was attracted by my own thinking too. I have a desire to setup a successful business in a global context, and just as you do, I also have a vision to add value to the world, to my country and to enrich the lives of people through it, and then at a later stage to move on with even higher self-actualization goals as per my religion, Buddhism.
I may be just a few steps away from the road to greater success, and I trust you will be able to give me those tips that I need to know on how to apply the principles in real life where there is so much of destructive hetero-suggestion. I�m truly looking forward to the NLP session and trust that it will give me the necessary knowledge to move on quickly. And Jayamini, I have 100% accepted you as my mentor for this wonderful journey.


Hi Ms. Jayamini, I take this opportunity to thank you for the Unleashing the Power of Subconscious Mind training program. I can feel I am changing little by little and I feel really great. I have made tremendous improvements in my spirituality, which makes me really happy. I am now doing affirmations daily and gratitude meditation I feel a lot of ease in my mind. I am little by little controlling by instructing my mind and with that my anger responses have substantially reduced.