Professional NLP Practitioner Certification Training

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If you are yearning for a better life, get better results in everything that you do and be happy and content while being successful, then NLP Practitioner Certificate training is the perfect choice for you.

This training program will lay a good foundation with Basic and Intermediate NLP Processes and Basics of Hypnotherapy that you can apply on yourself and others. And after the training you become confident in using NLP in every area of your life.

Benefits of Becoming a Professional NLP Practitioner:

  • Being one of the Certified NLP Practitioners in the country
  • Become a successful coach and NLP therapist
  • Enhance your competencies as a trainer, coach, psychotherapist, counselor or educator.
  • Become a competent and influential manager/leader
  • Successfully establish your own business
  • Improve your current business
  • Upgrade your career to the next level
  • Being a more complete, content & successful human being

Programme Content:

  • Module 1: Introduction to NLP
  • Module 2: NLP based communication techniques
  • Module 3: Basic NLP processes and techniques
  • Module 4: Intermediate NLP processes and techniques
  • Module 5: Basics of Hypnosis
  • Module 6: Learning integration and practice sessions


There will be a mandatory comprehensive assessment to ensure you have become a competent NLP Practitioner


  • Delivery Method - Group training, up to 10 participants
  • Duration of the Programme 40 hours done in 8 days
  • Training venue - Online via Zoom


Chamara Madusanka

The NLP Practitioner program gave me 100% clarity on my life purpose. Identifying "who am I?" and "what I want in life" gave me total freedom of mind which was served within the program. The trainer of this program, Ms. Jayamini is a gifted trainer who uses unique techniques. The way she conducts the sessions are in a very enthusiastic and energetic manner and there was never a single second to feel bored. Every second of the program was precious and filled with lots of learning. The program content was extensive and advanced yet easy to grasp due to the way Jay delivers the sessions. I thank Jay and her team for coming up with an amazing program like this to increase our self-awareness to the best level and I will recommend this NLP Practitioner program for anybody who wishes to build their own career in NLP and for anybody who wishes to change their lives for the better by understanding the real "purpose" of their lives.
Chamara Madusanka

Uma Narmadha

The NLP Practitioner Course was insightful and uplifting. The energy throughout the course of 8 days was supportive and a feeling of alignment was felt among the group. It was an enjoyable learning experience where we each supported and held space for each other. I am thankful for the tools and techniques learned during this course which I will use to help clients overcome their challenges. What differentiates NLP from other personal development classes is that it provides a structured framework to work with. Learning these new techniques enables me to integrate the processes into my continued study of psychology and spirituality. I particularly found the processes related to the subconscious mind helpful. The course taught me to communicate with the subconscious mind and it was the first time that I was able to see a visual from the deeper layers of the mind which intrigued me. The feedback given to me was really helpful to develop important skills such as pacing and calibrating. The course is effective due to Jayamini's ability to deliver the knowledge in a solid and inspiring manner connecting the subject to the bigger picture using a spiritually guided approach.
Uma Narmadha