NLP Entry Level Certification

This training is designed to teach you the underlying principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming and some of the basic tools of NLP and how they can be used for personal transformation and professional excellence. Here NLP is taught in a generative, accelerated learning capacity - enabling participants to absorb and transform immediately. You don't have to wait until the end of the training to notice your transformations.

People choose to attend this program for many different reasons:

Some find it to be a wake-up call to realize all the possibilities in their life.
Some come to identify and define their life goals.
Some come to understand why they're not achieving what they want and what they should do about it.
Some come to understand how their minds work and how to change the way the mind works to get the best results.
Some come to learn what NLP is.

The truth is this program will teach all this and more.

At the end of this program you will:

  • Become a good communicator
  • Instill new empowering beliefs
  • Be able to access high performance states when needed
  • Have knowledge about different aspects of the mind
  • Know how to leverage the Unconscious Mind to get better results
  • Know how to connect with the Higher Conscious Mind to get guidance and inspiration
  • Set goals in a way that enables their achievement
  • Be able to focus on your outcomes

Program Content:

Day 1:

  • NLP - an introduction and history
  • Different parts of human mind - Conscious, Unconscious, and High conscious minds
  • How unconscious mind works
  • Basic principles of NLP (Presuppositions)
  • Effective NLP change work with music
  • Understanding communications - a powerful NLP model
  • Exploring ideas with "hierarchy of ideas"
  • How humans represent information - Modalities and Sub modalities

Day 2:

  • Identify your life goals and priorities
  • Setting achievable goals
  • How beliefs affect outcomes
  • Changing limiting beliefs and creating empowering beliefs
  • Connecting with your higher-conscious mind for clarity, guidance and support
  • Circle of excellence
  • Sacred journey