JayaShri Maathaa - Jayamini D Samarathunge

Jayamini, new JayaShri Maathaa.

Jayamini D Samarathunge who was the pioneering leader of professional NLP training in Sri Lanka and the founder of NLPSRILANKA is now known as JayaShri Maathaa.

As a fully enlightened spiritual teacher she is now guiding people towards complete liberation from mind-body, time-space reality, which are the fundamental mental concepts which imprison human beings to suffer in life.

She attained the full self-realization during the month of November 2019 while engaging in a meditation retreat guided by a living teacher who is a known buddhist bhikku in Sri Lanka.

Since childhood as early as age 3, Jayamini knew and openly declared that this is her last life time on earth and in the human realm, that she has come to complete her spiritual journey of many lives seeking truth about existence; and that she intent to be enlightened while living the lay life.

Therefore, she never had an opportunity to become a buddhist bhikkuni according to the traditional practice.

Buddha's dhamma message is for the whole of mankind - Jayamini, now known as JayaShri Maatha is preaching dhamma to those people who are genuinely seeking how to overcome and stop perceived suffering in life.

Just like she did in the past helping thousands of people from all walks of life to understand how the mind works and bring positive transformation in life by consciously managing thoughts, at present also she is helping people end the cause of suffering in life.

Mind is the forerunner of all positive and negative experiences.

Mind is the moderating variable which fluctuate human experience from good to bad. Therefore, a true seeker or an intelligent person someday understands that this constant battle between good and bad thoughts also is a huge tension and it doesnt free a human living life to the fullest.

One moment, the person can feel happy and feeling top of the world and next moment it is not so.

This duality can cause the human being to suffer endlessly and with brief moments of gratifications during a life time. At the end dying without even knowing what exactly it meant to be a human and true meaning of life/existence.

Therefore, as much as a human learns to do positive/good things which brings positive outcomes and refrain from negative/bad things which gives negative outcomes, a human must learn how to come to the zero point; in other words how to stop the mind. Only by learning how to stop the mind, a human can fully experience the life. Such a human lives life fully to an extent the mind of such a human will need not have a re-becoming experience. They lie live fully and end it completely peacefully leaving the greatest message to mankind, i.e how to liberate fully from suffering in life and be enlightened.


Please visit JayaShri Maathaa's YouTube channel to listen to the dhamma discourses.

"සබ්බ පාපස්ස අකරණං
කුසලස්ස උපසම්පදා
සචිත්ත පරියොදපනං
එතං බුද්ධානසාසනං"
ධම්මපදය, 183 ගාථාව

“Sabba pāpassa akaranan,
Kusalassa upasampadā,
Sacitta pariyō dapanan,
Etan Buddhānasāsanan”
Dhammapada, Verse 183

To cease from all evil
To cultivate good
To purify one's mind
This is the advice of all the Buddhas

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