NLP for Life, your choice of authentic NLP in Sri Lanka.

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Welcome to NLP Sri Lanka

Jayamini, welcoming everyone.

"Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP - for me is one of the best gifts of knowledge I have ever received in my life. I think of the founders of NLP - Richard Bandler and John Grinder - and my teachers of NLP - Laureli and Heidi - with love and respect. At a most difficult time of my life, NLP was THE Art and Science which showed me the direction to the unlimited personal power within me to create the life I desired the most. Today I live in perfect health, joy, contentment, love, abundance and successfully living the purpose of my life, thanks to breakthrough realizations with NLP.

Achieving goals and living in alliance is easy and effortless with NLP. All you need is your WILL to transform and COURAGE to take RIGHT-ACTION.

With my own personal transformation, now I am able and willing to guide you, towards your freedom, self-power and light within. We use NLP to expand your awareness beyond perceived limitations and help you achieve a great life for you and your loved ones. NLP is FUN! It's available now in this beautiful island, Sri Lanka.

We offer range of services that open multiple door ways to Human Excellence.

Welcoming you to this site is a way of welcome you to our heart.

Walk in with faith, and we can comfortably assure your life will never be the same old with NLP."

Jayamini Samarathunge

Chairperson - Mind Designs International

Certified REIKI Master and Certified Karmic REIKI Master

Certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, Life and Executive Coach

DNA Master Activations Facilitator